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Intellectual and industrial property protection is our main subject of activity and for this purpose we gather attorneys at law along with patent attorneys, who can provide complex legal services in this field. In 2022 we celebrated 30 years of our successful existence.

Patent Attorneys are specialized in protection of industrial property rights, such as patents for inventions, trademarks and designs, all within the international perspective. 

Attorneys at Law provide legal services related to enforcement of intellectual property, as well as in other fields concerning civil, corporate and business law. 



Patent Law

We specialise in chemicals, biochemicals, molecular biology, genetics and pharmacology, as well as construction, engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and electro-mechanical engineering on national and/or international level.

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Labour Law

In case you need to find solutions for your work performance, such as employment, vocation, salary, liability, health protection, come to us. We secure working permits and visas for foreigners including handling at appropriate state offices.

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Trademarks & Designs

We bring our clients protection to their unique ideas through registrations of trademarks and designs. Thanks to long-term co-operation with attorneys from other jurisdictions we can provide protection to designation rights elsewhere in the world.

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Licensing Law and Technology Transfers

The intellectual property rights holders can exploit their rights by granting licences for specific technology. Transfers of technologies usually increase economic performance and support competition on the market.

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Competition Law

Free market environment and business competition is a driving engine of economic growth, as long as the competition has its rules and firm frame. As a protection against the unfair practice, that is in breach with good manners, is law against the unfair competition.

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Enforcement of IP rights

Intellectual property is intangible, but this makes it all the more important for business and success.Thanks to co-operation between patent attorneys and attorneys, we can provide effective legal assistance in all areas of industrial and intellectual property rights.

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Copyright Law and Domain Disputes

It is not possible to use without the author's consent works of art, literary and scientific works. It is also not possible to infringe the copyrights with domain names or designation rights.

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Civil Law

We can solve your issues in a private sphere of relations, might it be property relations between individuals and/or companies and/or a state, further also relations arising from the law of personal protection.

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Commercial and Corporate Law

We create legal base for entrepreneurs by preparation of business contracts with their partners or agreements relating to their business, we deal with relations between company and its organs and partners or between one another.

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The Trademark Law amendments shall pass over new obligations from the registration offices directly to the trademark owners.

From the EU harmonisation reasons, the obligations of the state offices shall be shifted to the trademark owners. All trademark proprietors must be aware of these changes in order to be prepared to a responsible fulfilment of these new obligations.


European patent with unitary effect and Unified patent court

Our office is interested in all status updates relating the new system of European patents with unitary effect since the acceptance of European Regulations regarding this matter in 2012.

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Ivana Toningerová

Patent Attorney, European Trade Mark & Design Attorney

Protection of industrial rights, in particular designation rights (trademarks and industrial designs)

+420 246 090 129

Karolína Steinerová

Attorney at Law

Industrial and intellectual property law, unfair competition, copyright, domain disputes, licence agreements, commercial law, employment and civil law, property transfers

+420 246 090 120

Petr Ječmen

Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney

Protection of industrial rights, in particular patents and utility models in chemicals, biochemicals and molecular genetics

+420 246 090 136

Petra de Brantes

Attorney at Law, Partner

Intellectual property law, unfair competition, licence agreements, copyright, commercial law, employment and civil law

+420 246 090 125

Vilém Skála

Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney

Protection of industrial rights, in particular patents and utility models in chemicals

+420 246 090 111

Zdeňka Korejzová

Attorney at Law, Partner

Intellectual property law, unfair competition, licence agreements, commercial and civil law

+420 246 090 111

Zdeňka Šefernová

Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney

Protection of industrial property, patents and utility models in pharmacology, genetics and molecular biology

+420 246 090 133

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