Legal Services

Our company provides a wide range of legal and advisory services in the field of industrial and commercial law

Trademarks and Designs

We ensure the protection of all rights to designations, in particular the registration of trademarks and designs in proceedings before national or international, and regional registration offices. Through registered rights, we help our clients to protect their uniqueness. 

  • Assessment of the registrability of trademarks or the registrability of industrial designs
  • Collaborating with graphic designers in the creation of new trademarks
  • Performing searches in the trademark and design databases of the Wolters Kluwer® system
  • Representing clients in proceedings for registration of trademarks, industrial designs and designations of origin
  • Tracking renewal dates for registered sign rights
  • Registering changes in the register (change of name or address, transfer of rights, registration of a licence)
  • Expert opinions in the field of valuation of the value of sign rights

Patents and Utility Models

We protect inventions through patents or utility models, mainly in chemical fields such as biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics and pharmacology. We provide protection for original solutions at home and abroad.

  • Applications for inventions and utility models
  • Invention and patent claim descriptions
  • Supplementary protection certificates for pharmaceuticals
  • Maintenance fee payments
  • Entries for transfers and amendments

Licensing Law and Technology Transfers

We provide licensing agreements for industrial property, copyright works, or know-how. We also provide contracts for the transfer of industrial rights and technologies.

  • Licensing law - license agreements to the object of intellectual property law, license agreements to copyright, license agreements to the database rights, know-how agreements,
  • Technology transfers - assignment agreements to the intellectual property rights.

Monitoring and Combating Counterfeits

We offer a monitoring service to trademark owners, the aim of which is to actively defend against infringers of registered rights. This will give you an overview of the status of the trademark register and prevent unnecessary disputes.

  • Defence against dilution of trademark rights
  • Opposition to registration of conflicting signs
  • Overview of competitor names for TM owners
  • Combating counterfeits in cooperation with customs authorities based on customs actions filed
  • Extension of monitoring from the territory of the Czech and Slovak Republics to the entire EU at a discounted price, possibly to other countries

Competition Law

We offer a defence against unfair practices that are contrary to good morals. Competition law includes defense against all conflicts in unfair competition, personality protection and domain name disputes.

  • Negotiating terms of conciliation, interim measures, and court actions
  • Domain name disputes - domain name conflicts with naming rights and/or unfair competition, domain use agreements, and domain name transfers
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights - infringement of trademark, patent, utility model or unregistered sign and/or trade name rights
  • Enforcement of authors' claims under copyright law, protection of personality, reputation of natural and legal persons

IP Scan and Consultancy

In practice, IP Scan means that we will diagnose your business model and provide you with a complete analysis of the intellectual property in your company. You will thus learn whether it is advisable, for example, to register a trademark, negotiate confidentiality with suppliers, check copyright or set up trade secret protection. 

  • First consultation for new clients always free of charge
  • IP scan and related consulting and advisory services, or obtaining protection with EU subsidies

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